Privacy Policy

The Following Privacy Policy Details the Affied Pledge to Keep Information Provided By Our Clients Private, Safe & Secure! At Affied, we take online user privacy very-very seriously and we strongly recommend you to fully read our Privacy policy; explaining how we collect, utilize and protect information and in what circumstances we share it.

Affied excels at online display advertising. We purchase & vend online display ad space, from web publishers to agencies and advertisers. In addition, we maneuver online ad campaigns, utilizing various forms of targeting. As our targeting procedure, we gather data and information about the behavior of online customers and convert the data into anonymous user profile. We respect and adhere to the IAB USA Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising.


Contact info like name, phone number, mailing address, email address and company name, billing information, Pan number


We utilize the collected information to mix and match advertisements to profiles of web users, who are more receptive as compared to others. We strongly believe relevant ads can be beneficial to both the advertisers and users, while rendering a less unruly user experience.

Cookies help us differentiate between individual users, regulate ad frequency, tailor -fit homepages and so on. Moreover, IP addresses aid us diagnose server issues and helps us in administrating Without you IP address it will be impossible for us keeping our services operational 24*7, and we want to be available for you round the clock.

Every email dropped into your inbox is to meet your requirements. Through our emails we provide our clients with website updates, allow you to register for sweepstakes and exclusive deals and inform you of new features. Please note, your email ids help us to respond and readdress to any queries you have asked, complains made and issues you have encountered. We need your email ids so we can address the issues.

By registering at Affied, you consent to the use & methods of disclosure as described in our Privacy policy herewith.


We collect your personal information via two-methods

Information you provide to us through sign ups, emails or voluntary registration process

Information that is derived via automated tracking mechanisms

Pixels & Cookies allows us to assign every device visiting our website or utilizing our services a Unique ID. The unique ID assigned is utilized to match the gathered information to the device without the need of any personally identifiable information.


Pixels are known as event-trackers for actions and visitations on a website. A pixel can, for instance, record a view of the webpage or validate an e-sale of a product after watching an advertisement. Moreover, when a pixel is incited, it stores the information in a cookie.


Cookies are perhaps, small text files, which are utilized on the user’s device by his/her web browser.

Cookies do not have programms and are only accessed via user’s web browser. They make sure a user-amiable web experience by means of storing information about the usage of the website & any preferences for functions/features, like privacy settings, relevant ads, language preferences or shopping baskets.

We do not at all link the information we store in cookies to any sort of PIL you submit while on our website.


We may purchase data from the 3rd-parties in order to further enrich profile we already possess or expand & upgrade our profile collection. As with the data collected by Affied, any purchased data from 3rd-parties does not consists of personally identifiable information (PIL).


Security of your personal info is extremely important to us. When you input your sensitive information ( Tax ID/SSN) on our online order forms, we encrypt the transmission of given information utilizing SSL (secure socket layer technology). We abide by the generally accepted standards to safeguard your personal details submitted to us. We do not guarantee or warrant absolute security, since no means of transmission over the web or electronic storage is 100% secure.


We provide mechanisms for amending, correcting or updating your personal information for many of the services provided by us. You may change or remove any of your personal details at any time via signing in your account and with the help of features like my account and edit.


The websites & services by Affied are not directed at or intended for people under 13 years of age. Regardless of age , we do not intentionally collect or solicit any personally identifiable information, nor do we market our services to children below the age of 13 years.


We may share personally identifiable information or any other details with our parent, divisions, affiliates and subsidiaries. We reserve the right to disclose our data to clients, partners, advertisers who work on our behalf. However, the information handed over to third parties does not include PIL.

Third parties are obligated to use the information in compliance with applicable regulations and laws.

We may transfer your PIL as an asset in conjunction with an actual/proposed merger or sale (comprising any transfers done as a part of bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings) involving all or just a part of a corporate reorganization /business, change in control or stock sale.

Additionally, Affied may disclose your Contact info in special instances where we have a reason to believe that revealing the respective details is important to contact, identify or bring legal action against someone who might be violating the terms of use or is prejudicial to our rights, clients or property.

We make use of aggregate and non-identifying information to better design our website as well as for administrative & business purposes. We may use or share with 3rd-parties for any purpose aggregated information, which contains no PIL. We may share information when compelled by law, a court, legal procedure and governmental agency.


Affied reserves the right to amend, add or delete content in this privacy policy at any given time, without any notice. When visiting our website or utilizing our services, the terms of this privacy policy as displayed at that time apply.


In case, you have any queries or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us.