Native Advertising: Unlock The Power

Beyond the confines of search and social, native advertising emerges as a beacon of engagement, driving traffic and fostering genuine connections on the open web. Discover why marketers across the globe are leveraging native advertising through Affied to enhance their reach and amplify their bottom line.

Native Advertising

What Are Native Ads?

Native ads commonly appear as suggested content on websites, positioned below or alongside the article you're reading. They extend as "in feed" ads within your social media feeds like Facebook or Twitter. Additionally, native ads manifest as search and promoted listings, prominently displayed at the top of your Google search results or within the sidebar, enhancing visibility and engagement.

"In Feed" Ads

Ads that appear in your social media feeds like Facebook or Twitter, making them a natural part of your scrolling experience.

Search & Promoted Listings

Ad listings that show at the top of your Google search results or in the sidebar, promoting relevant products or services.

Content Recommendations

Recommended articles appearing below or beside the content you are reading, providing additional value and relevant information.

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Crafting Native Ads

Creating native ads involves assembling various metadata elements like headline, thumbnail image, content URL, and description text, all tailored to resonate with your target audience and align with your campaign goals.

The cornerstone of effective native ads lies in the headline, image, and the linked content. Here are some foundational guidelines to kickstart your native advertising journey.

Explore Diverse Native Ad Formats

Programmatic Native Advertising

Scale your native advertising effortlessly while pinpointing the right consumers through programmatic native advertising. This method facilitates real-time optimization of your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) through programmatic auctions of native ad inventory, especially when budgets are well-allocated, paving the way for advertising triumph.

Programmatic native might sound complex, but it's straightforward in essence. A user's visit to a website creates an ad impression opportunity. The Supply Side Platform (SSP) initiates bid requests for the publisher, to which the Demand Side Platform (DSP) responds with metadata metrics and bids on behalf of the advertiser. Based on the metadata, the SSP picks the winning bid, swiftly tailoring the native ad via templating design to fit the website or app, all within a blink of an eye.

Advertisers have the liberty to choose their preferred DSP to monitor ad performance and meet their KPIs, including utilizing Affied's native DSP. Dive deeper into programmatic advertising and its workings here.

Native Video Advertising

Merge the potency of video with native advertising to lay the groundwork for a robust full-funnel advertising solution. Native video ads blend naturally within the user's online browsing flow, capturing attention with pertinent, engaging content without being intrusive.

While engaging with an article or browsing a webpage, native video ads seize user attention by offering relevant and captivating content in a non-disruptive manner. Formats like click-to-watch necessitate user initiation to view the video, negating unwanted ad interruptions and ensuring users are receptive to discovering the video content, setting a welcoming stage for your ad message.

Explore how native video can energize your funnel at each customer journey phase:

Awareness: The initial brand introduction is crucial, and native video ads, with their eye-catching appeal, serve as the perfect medium to unveil your brand story when consumers are most receptive.
Engagement: Engage your audience with interactive viewing experiences through native video formats, fostering curiosity and maintaining active engagement.
Conversions: Incorporate a call-to-action within your native video ads to propel audiences towards taking action, converting interest into meaningful interactions at the moment they are engrossed in your offering.

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